For Visitors

Visitor Guidelines

At Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we welcome visitors – family & friends alike – and consider them to be an integral part of patient wellness. Family members and close friends are encouraged to be a part of the care process, whenever appropriate with the prior consent of the consultant doctor at the hospital and the nursing staff. 

A written permission from the management must be sought for stay in the hospital post-visiting hours. Only one attendant may stay with the patient in the ward/room and a visitor-pass has to be obtained from Admissions Desk at the Front Office for this purpose. Please have the pass on-person at all times and furnish it when sought by the security staff. 

Flowers and outside food is not permitted in the in-patient areas and visitors may be asked to leave the room if the patient’s condition so warrants or if hospital policies are not being followed. 

Visitors at the Hospitals can also have access to the Cafeteria, ATM, and Pharmacy – based on availability. 

Visitor Guidelines

We sincerely request all visitors to please respect the Hospitals’ limitations on the number of visitors allowed at any one time. Patients need a peaceful and calm environment to recover and large numbers of visitors can hamper this. 

Some of the patients require to be often transferred around the hospital, to and from theatres and wards, diagnostic labs. So please do give them priority when you are using the lifts, and use visitor rather than patient toilets, where possible, to give patients more privacy and to cut the risk of cross-infection.

We would also appreciate it if you would help us to keep communal areas and entrances clean, including lifts and stairwells, clean and congestion free.