Quality - Accreditation

Quality is the way of life at the Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group. At every stage of patient care, individual interaction and clinical procedures – quality – is the center piece of our commitment. Adhering to world-class standards in patient care and providing high-level of expertise in all our services, Gleneagles Global Hospitals is the premier healthcare services provider in India.

Our organizational priorities are aimed at deployment of our mission, vision, values and our quality policy throughout the organization in every location and every department.

The commitment to quality has been encapsulated as given below:

  • Be a Center of Excellence in Healthcare through commitment to continuous quality improvement and adopting industry leading practices in safety.
  • Meet and exceed international Healthcare standards through our integrated model of healthcare quality systems and evidence based medicine.
  • Surpass patient expectations by delivering healthcare service that is caring and compassionate.
  • Develop team work and communication through encouraging multi- disciplinary collaborative practice

As part of its efforts to imbibe consistent quality parameters across specialties and locations, Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group seeks to 

  • Integrate, as a unified organization, in multiple locations so that wherever our patients choose to be seen, they have the same experience and have access to all our facilities and services.
  • Build a culture of quality and safety across the organization so that all our facilities deliver highest quality care and service at all times.
  • Create a paperless organization through implementation of the fully automated HIS system across all our facilities being technologically superior and environment friendly

Quality Improvement priorities of the Group include:

  • Standardization of systems, processes, policies and procedures across all hospitals in Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group.
  • Adopt the International Patients Safety Goals.
  • Implement Computerized Physician Order Entry and Electronic Health Records which will eliminate medical errors and improve patient care.
  • Develop training programs for all employees on principles and practice of healthcare quality.