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Sary Abdul Gani Alzem from Saudi Arabia at Global Hospitals.

Sary was operated upon in August 2012. A colleague of his father’s at a medical company in Saudi Arabia heard about his mother Sana’s condition of liver cirrhosis. That is when they asked the colleague about hospitals in India. They were directed to Gleneagles Global Hospitals’ Institute of Liver, Pancreas diseases and transplant, and were assured that the facility and the staff were good. They specifically searched for Dr. Mohammed Rela on the internet and discovered about Dr. Rela’s great record of having performed liver transplant surgeries. After that, the paperwork was submitted to Ms. Jayalakshmi at the Liver Transplant unit in Hyderabad. Thereafter, Sary’s mother was asked to come to India to have a consultation with Dr. Dharmesh at Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Hyderabad. She came to India with Sary’s second brother and took up an apartment here. In a couple of days, they met Dr. Dharmesh, who was very helpful. Dr. Dharmesh performed certain tests and figured out that she needed a liver transplant. The doctors insisted that the donor be a close blood relative of hers and finally, after tests on two of Sary’s brothers, the doctors zeroed in on Sary, who was only 19 years old and had just completed university. Sary traveled to India soon after and Dr. Dharmesh was immediately convinced that Sary was the prospective donor for this transplant. Sary’s mother was scared since he was young, only 19 years old. Sary said he wasn’t scared of the operation since he was only thinking of his mother. In August 2012, the operation was performed, and Sary was taken into the operation theater and his mother came in a few hours later. He woke up after the operation in some pain, but he made light of his pain because it was for his mother. About a week later, Sary was discharged from the hospital while his mother spent 21 days there. After further tests, Sary was allowed to return to his country. A week later, Sana was allowed to return home to Saudi Arabia as well. She was now much stronger and did everything on her own, without much help from others. Sary felt that everything at Gleneagles Global Hospitals was perfect and he was extremely happy.